Send us your images from the Leavenworth area and we'll post them here

Brown bear checking out the descent trail off Icicle Buttress (Image: Bree Bishop)

Drury Lane (5.7), featured cracks with several variations, The Parasol, Tumwater Canyon

Carpetbaggers (5.10b), fun little sport climb at The Parasol, Tumwater Canyon


Bacon Buddies (5.8) a new route near Secret Dome

Top-rope antics on Punk Rock 

Erin Smith powers through the roof crack on Muffin Top (5.9+), Dildome. April 2011

Mt. Stuart as seen from Value Village

Sean Woods on the thin slab start of Nothing on TV (5.10b), March 2010
Brian Steele on Horn of Plenty (5.8), Crowbar Crag 2008

Rappeling ROTC
image: Alec Gibbons
Russ Ricketts on the steep finishing moves of The Warrior 5.10d, Nov 2009
image: Shane Wilder/
Sol Wertkin on MF Overhang 5.10d, Castle Rock, March 2010
image: Shane Wilder/
Dave Bale climbs Woody's Pillar (5.9), The Speckled Spot
Melon Colony Baby (5.10a), Cantaloupe Island
The finishing moves of Poison Ivy Crack (5.9)
image: Marc Dilley
Greg Logosz on Soft Serve (5.9), Upper 8-mile Crag
image: Ron Cotman
John Vargo enjoys a cold one en route, Cleveland Browns (5.9) Maple Heights
image: Brad Metz
Michal Rynkiewicz goes for the clip on Liquid Nitrogen (5.12a), Wart Wall
image: Nathen Lander
Marc Dilley leads Psychopath (5.11-), Snow Creek Wall
image: Andy Dappen
The immaculate slab of Good and Plenty 5.10-, Candyland
April Mayhem (5.9), Trundle Dome
Crooked Smile 5.9, Dental Dome
Osprey nest in Tumwater Canyon
Ron Cotman on a new route on Curmudgeon Crag